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Scotsman Prodigy Plus Flake Ice Machines

Scotsman Prodigy Plus Eclipse Ice Machines

Different types of Ice Machines and Ice Styles

CUBE ICE – A great choice for family restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, gas stations, and convenience stores.  The perfect ice for cooling soft drinks and other beverages because it is harder and lasts longer. 

CYLINDRICAL ICE -  flat on the top and bottom and is shaped like a frozen shot glass.  Perfect for bars and fancy restaurants.

FLAKE ICE – Tiny soft flakes that are easy to shape and mold into place. Perfect for food displays such as in restaurant salad bars, supermarkets and butcher shops.  The ice is easy to pack, so it will not damage the food. 

NUGGET-STYLE ICE – small, round shaped balls of ice which are easily chewed.  Essentially flaked ice that has been formed into soft chewable clumps or balls.   This style of ice cools drinks quickly and has a very high liquid displacement which means less liquid per glass.  

Featured model Scotsman Meridian Self Contained Flake Ice Machine

Scotsman Prodigy Plus Nugget Ice Machines